Beijing Subway line 1 broke ground on July 1st 1965 and started formally operation on October 1st 1969. Beijing Metro 2020 – The Insiders Guide to the Beijing Subway System. Line 10 of the Beijing Subway (Chinese: 北京地铁10号线; pinyin: běijīng dìtiě shíhào xiàn) is the second loop line in Beijing's rapid transit network as well as the longest and most widely used line. So far, Beijing subway network has 15 lines, 217 stations and 440 kilometers of tracks in operation. ; Subway line names: Some lines are given numbers and others are named after their terminus stations. Beijing, China . Beijing Traffic Control Technology Company and Wind River collaborated in June 2011 to build and install a communication based train control (CBTC) system on the Yizhuang and Changping lines of the Beijing Subway network. Conveying an average of over 12 million passengers on a daily basis, the subway system of Beijing is quite literally the veins of the city. How to Take the Beijing Subway: This instructable will help travelers to Beijing understand how to take the subway. ; By the end of 2019, the Beijing Subway will be equipped with automatic ticket machines that can scan smartphones for payment. 2020 Beijing Subway Maps and Metro System. It’s the second longest subway system in the world after the Shanghai Metro. Beijing subway system is the second longest subway network in the world after the Shanghai subway. It's also a great place to person-watch. October 3, 2020 By China Mike. For visiting the cities key attractions visitors will find Line 1 and Line 2 the most useful. This is something I loved about the Beijing metro. And guess what, it’s getting bigger. The system is very safe. Quick Facts about the Beijing Subway. To a first-time visitor to Beijing, the metro system can seem like an impossible labyrinth. The future for the Beijing Subway. Look for this symbol to find the entrance/exists to the subway … Historically, China's first subway system was launched in 1969 in Beijing and was named as Line 1, but it was snail's pace growth. Beijing's metro system is cheap, but extremely crowded during the rush hour. Check it out Compared to taxis, busses, private cars, and bicycles, the subway is the fastest, cheap… Beijing is a big city. I've never felt sketchy taking the subway and I've taken it late at night; There is cellphone reception system-wide even while underground (not wifi, but actual cellphone reception). I also hope to provide some tips so the subway travel is a good experience! Recently, to make the use of the subway system more convenient for passengers, Beijing Transit Authority introduced a new feature … The Beijing Subway is the world’s second-largest subway system by route and length, following the Shanghai Metro. The Beijing Subway system has 22 lines and over 350 stations! A collection of Beijing subway maps for you to reference and use on your next trip to the capital of China. The line is 57.1 km (35.5 mi) in length and runs entirely underground through Haidian, Chaoyang and Fengtai Districts, either directly underneath or just beyond the 3rd Ring Road. Nevertheless, … There are presently 18 lines, with 319 subway stations and 527km of tracks. Taking a brief look at the Beijing metro map may cause confusion… So many lines, so many colours.