To add facing to the front divider edge areas cut 2 foot long pieces of board from the 2 X 3 scrap wood and drift them into pace before securing with screws. Before starting to build your chicken coop, you should prepare a list of all the tools required. Staple in multiple areas on the front of the frame and around the side where the excess is wrapped. The decision to build a chicken coop in your backyard is not exactly as easy one. What I found are 20 of the most adorable chicken coops with free building plans that you can DIY in a weekend. This model will house two fully-grown chickens comfortably, but the meshed run that comes with the unit doesn’t give the ladies much room to roam. Holes will be drilled around the lower portion of the tote, and PVC elbow pieces secured in place through the holes so the birds can access the feed without it becoming wet, while cutting down on waste. The lid has a hook and chain that is attached to the coop for opening. Keeping your budget in check while building a chicken coop and chicken run can sometimes be a head-scratcher! When you first learned how to build a chicken coop, you cut the front panel into five pieces. Mount the cross bracing to the front of the hutch by butting together the ends and the center of the dividers – or the furring strips you mounted if skipping the dividers. Cladding Your Chicken Coop Build. If you’re thinking about getting chickens, then be sure to check out all the great advantages to having backyard chickens. Before I moved my chicken and ducks into the coop, my husband and a buddy set to work upgrading it, and making it far more predator proof. First, start by mapping out your chicken coop. Use a pencil to mark a 3-inch border on the panel, then attach it to the frame by driving 1 5/8-inch screws at each corner of the border. Building a chicken coop may seem like a daunting task at first. These are really simple designs in principle, cheap chicken coop designs that you can realize alone in a weekend with the right set of tools. HGTV has free chicken coop plans available, and following this link will lead you right to them! Keeping is simple yet perfectly befitting for your chickens! You can construct it without facing any hard time. 1 sheet of ½ inch thick pressure treated plywood – 4 foot by 8 foot – cost should be about $40. A new chicken coop can cost you a thousand dollars or more. By entering your e-mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter. Your rabbit hutches or chicken brooders do not have to look exactly like the ones I am using to be able to follow the process outlined, you will simply need to adjust material measurements to suit the needs of the structure you are working with. Your email address will not be published. You cut the legs to be as tall or as short as you would like. DaNelle, what a great chicken coop. Check out these real life DIY chicken coops for fun and easy chicken coop ideas, plus simple step-by-step tutorials, and even chicken coop plans you can buy. Modifying a shed is easy, and there are thousands of YouTube videos to help you along. Screw the first row of pallets into the wooden perimeter that you made with the scrap wood. I love my chickens and would like to see others raising a few in their back yard. Chicken wire was only meant to keep chickens in, but dogs, raccoon and possums can rip through it like it was paper. Like so many of us, we know that you haven’t got time to build the darned thing from scratch, so we've pulled together ten of the best Cheap Chicken Coops … 3. Related Article – 10 Pallet Chicken Coop Plans Easy to Build. Saving money by using materials and resources wisely is the homesteading way, and this cheap DIY chicken coop project definitely fits that bill. To curtail mess inside of the living quarters, the flock feeder will be placed outside of the coop in the day run. So, for this tractor, we wanted to house 5 or so chickens, since the purpose of a chicken run is to let them free range while protected. The accepted minimum sizes are 2 to 3 square feet per bird inside the coop and 4 to 5 square feet per bird in the run. However, I wish a little more research was done into building your coop, the first thing you should have stumbled across was hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. Egg production slows down during cold weather months, so adding as much light, natural or artificial (hanging solar coop lights), can help increase egg production. The first thing to consider is size. How to Build a Cheaper DIY Chicken Coop Chickens are great to have at your home (especially if you like fresh eggs), but finding a place to keep them is not always a walk in the park. Building a chicken coop does not need to be an expensive process. Here I am building a chicken coop and run. This how-to originally appeared on and requires mostly just scrap wood and pallets for materials. Apr 16, 2016 - Building A Basic Chicken Coop From “Scratch” for less than $50. For us, this chicken tractor handles the overflow from our main coop, and we’ve set up a second flock of our hybrid chickens we’ve bred on the farm. 4. This one would be a great option for someone looking for coop ideas for a large flock of chickens. Pallets are pretty easy to find and set up, but there are a lot of gaps and holes you have to account for. Keeping chickens can have many benefits. During fairly warm days from the late fall through the early spring the flaps could be raised entirely or partially to allow more light to flow into the living area. If you buy pine, they will cost around $40. DIY Chicken Run with Wood Chips Let’s see how to build chicken coop and run with a much different approach. You might find it really hard to find a person who sells chicken coops also. Placing chickens in the grocery growing area will help keep bugs away. I would recommend you stick to the basics. 2. Open a roll of mesh cloth. According to Oregon State University, it is a wise idea to build a coop relatively close to one’s home or in a highly trafficked area of the yard to deter from unwanted predators. For us, this chicken tractor handles the overflow from our main coop, and we’ve set up a second flock of … While still “shopping” in the junkyard, I happened across an old rabbit hutch. A chicken coop should be built on high ground so to avoid flooding or any buildup of water and moisture. The plans include a free PDF download, step-by-step drawings, and material list. The amount of wood used in the project was minimal. The world`s most creative, best looking and easiest to build 55 chicken coop plans are available below, free of charge for you to build them in the comfort of your home. Even if you live on a large and secluded survival homestead with a big tribe of folks to help you work and defend the place, a need to develop during a SHTF scenario could still materialize. Trim up the scrap pieces left after cutting so they measure 21 inches long. I’m always on the look-out for cheap ways to build coops. This would reduce the problems I noted above, but would make the entire hooped run far more subject to being knocked out of alignment by roosters or other animals, and allowing the birds to be more exposed to predators, or have full run of the garden. it’s basically an extended area with the coop that has a door attached with it. Actually, I was surprised it had already lasted or two years before we bought our dream survival retreat land. Its design is intended for around 3-5 chickens so that they have convenient access and cleaning facilities. The doors on my coop are about 21 inches by 20 inches. Wichita “Cabin Coop” This is a popular small coop requested by many who want to build it. 6. The coop is made up of top grade of lumber utilizing tongue and groove construction. Staple the hardware cloth into place. Corrugated metal could also be used. Portable chicken coops give you the advantage of being able to move it around to wherever you are, so if you’re someone who likes to keep the chickens as pets, this makes for a very attractive option. This part might also require a helping hand. Your e-mail is 100% safe. A rabbit hutch chicken coop can quickly be turned into a portable chicken cage and living quarters during a bugout. A rabbit hutch style chicken coop like the one shown in the photo above is large enough to house two laying hens and it is a simple two person carry. Regina Now, clamp the left panel to the front left side of the frame. Chicken coops should be constructed with hardware cloth (rabbit hutch wire), and chicken wire should only used for the upper side portion and top of day run areas. We wanted to build a “pretty” chicken coop that would be a permanent fixture in our yard down by our veggie garden (HERE) & home orchard (HERE). All of my other chicken coops were built with eaves that extend 1-2 feet. Then I am going to roll the rest of the rubber roofing onto the top of the roof and tie it into place with baling twine. The problem was that over time the chicken coop began to fall apart because it was it was exposed to the elements and made from cheap materials. youtube. This is a 3 to 4 meter chicken run attached to the coop. But if neither of those options are your cup of tea, you can always build a super cheap coop with a few handy dandy tools. This chicken coop also provides a separated nesting box, a remarkable ramp for the chickens, a basket hook and amazing ventilation. Place your chicken coop so that it is partially in the shade but still gets plenty of sun, and add windows covered with chicken wire to ensure plenty of fresh air. It’s always a good idea to have a blueprint handy, even if it’s a relatively informal one. If you want, you can buy a door or find a second-hand one to adhere to the coop; or, if you want to minimize cost as much as possible, you can use old scrap wood to create the door frame. I love my chickens and would like to see others raising a few in their back yard. Now, clamp the left panel to the front left side of the frame. I recommend covering the plywood with shingles or rubber for add longevity. I will make toppers for each one out of chicken wire and more furring strips so the lightweight plant protectors can be lifted off to weed, prune, or collect garden goodies – while keeping the birds away from the crops. Upcycling an old rabbit hutch into a chicken coop is an even cheaper way to secure your meat and egg birds. Because the coop was made out of particle boards, I knew it was not going to be sound, or even last very long. DaNelle, what a great chicken coop. If you’re beginning to feel like the only family on the block without a chicken shed it’s probably time to INVEST IN A COOP OF YOUR OWN. Below, I will detail how to build the rabbit hutch we are turning into a coop, just in case you do not have one laying around your homestead. To do this, screw a piece of wood to the top of the wooden perimeter, then add two more pieces of wood to either side of the pallet walls. Apr 16, 2016 - Building A Basic Chicken Coop From “Scratch” for less than $50. Egg shells are also great for adding more nutrients to your compost pile. Add another layer of 2 X 3 boards onto the front to create a space to attach the legs, and also providing a mounting area for the little coop doors. It looks a little hillbilly, but perfect for us. To add facing to the front edge area of the coop hardware cloth floor, cut a 2 X 3 board to attach in between the front legs. Below we have large, medium and small sized chicken coops to help you get ideas for what type of chicken coop you want to have in your backyard. I have listed below the tools I used recently to build my own coop. Another important part of the chicken coop is that it features a front door. A chicken coop should be built on high ground so to avoid flooding or any buildup of water and moisture. Stand the hutch style chicken coop up to test the stability of the legs after tightening all screws. Before dropping a lot of cash on one of those fancy chicken tractors you see in the back of poultry magazines, keep in mind you can spend your cash a little wiser. But as the chicken math turned to multiplication, I knew I couldn’t humanely keep the number I wanted if I just had my little coop. Building a chicken coop does not need to be an expensive process. 5 hinges – ½ inch recommended and ½ inch barrel bolts, Approximately 3 to 4 rolls of 36 inch x 10 foot rolls of 1/2 of hardware cloth. The first few weeks of a baby chick’s life, they have to spend it inside as they are not old or grown enough to deal with cold weather. If your flock free ranges or has a large day time run, there is no need to construct a large or tall coop. Although many tutorials detailing how to make such a feeder claim you can pour one 50 pound bag of feed in the tote before placing the lid on top in an effort to save feeding chore time, I strongly urge against doing so. So we decided to make our own DIY Chicken Coop & Run cheap & on a budget… Our DIY Chicken Coop & chicken Run cost us about $500-$600 to build with using some scrap wood we had in the garage. Their hutch will be anchored in the middle of the pond to protect them from mink, fox, and other predators at night. Then she pointed at me and said, “We’re going to need a chicken coop.” Well, six months later, the chickens were still sleeping in our old rabbit hutch at night and free-ranging around the yard during the day. They will cost around $20 if you do not already have these or similar screws on hand. That’s right, I said it was practically free! A plastic tub containing food and/or bedding can be strapped to the top of the hutch style coop to both keep it at the ready in case a bugout becomes necessary and to save space when rapidly leaving your home during a SHTF event. Build a Chicken Coop with Pallet. Building a chicken coop may seem like a daunting task at first. Next, abut the two middle support studs at 2 inches and 4 inches on center from one end of the 6 foot long support structure. Get the full details with illustrations in the tutorial. Cut the top and bottom frame pieces and then abut the vertical pieces to the edges of the top and bottom frame pieces. Once you’ve mapped out your space and know the perfect location for your coop, you can start laying out the rectangle shape of the coop. Step 1: Plan for Size and Location. A coop isn’t just a shelter, it’s a house where your chickens live. These free chicken coop plans will help give your chickens a nice safe home where they can flourish. Build a door frame in the middle using scrap wood. Make sure to save the scrap wood from the stud board cutting for use in extra projects! Eaves are the part of the roof that extends beyond the coop building. Chicken have special needs that one should be address when building them Build a backyard chicken coop to stay in. The food will become moist during chilly nights, and when it rains it can become moldy. To mount the dividers on each side of the coop, line them up with the frame and screw them into place. This coop is made mostly from cedar and built right next to the home’s stairs for easy access. I have listed below the tools I used recently to build my own coop. This adds another layer of protection against predators. Once the bottom portion was added, my junker of a rabbit hutch would look almost identical to those over-priced coop kits that were advertised at Tractor Supply, and Rural King. There Are Some Safety Concerns When It Comes to Tiny Homes: Learn More, These Must-Have Gardening Tools Will Make Your Backyard Flourish, Vegan Candles: Why Some Aren't Plant-Based and Cruelty-Free, Are Mattresses Recyclable? There are many possible ways to configure a coop, but here’s how to build a basic model that can easily be customized according to your aesthetic tastes. My initial investment of $350 for the cheap chicken coop plus the $275 cost of building a chicken coop to replace the original just under 3 years later is a total of $625 that I could have spent on the original coop, and it would have lasted much longer. Even if you do not have or can cheaply find a rabbit hutch to upcycle into a chicken coop, the scrap wood you have stockpiled on your homestead should provide enough materials to make the coop detailed above, or a similar structure following this same model. Some folks who make garden chicken runs in this manner break the run up into shorter sections that can be lifted up to garner interior access. But mine will require treating with a safe paint for chicken coops. Apr 16, 2016 ... How to Build a Chicken Coop for Less Than $50 - Live Simply. Always reflect on this when planning for a design for constructing a chicken coop keeping in mind ventilation is very essential. While your baby chicks are growing indoors, now’s the perfect time to get their outdoor living situation figured out. I will never SPAM you. Chicken wire is awesome for keeping birds in, but lousy for keeping predators out. Place your chicken coop so that it is partially in the shade but still gets plenty of sun, and add windows covered with chicken wire to ensure plenty of fresh air. You could also use bird netting for the top of the new run because it is sufficient to keep hawks away. But, if you have some basic woodworking skills and a lot of patience, you can build a great coop that will house your hens comfortably for years to come. Now, above, we mentioned using whatever scrap material you may have laying around for a roof. This large chicken coop measures 8×8 plus the chicken run. A backup up plan for a TEOTWAWKI survival homestead is far beyond wise – and could make a life or death difference for your loved ones. Mount a barrel bolt on the side of the coop that is opposite of the hinged side – the side where the door will open. This will give the roof a slight angle, and allow water and snow to run off of it easily. You must try this free plan and easy to build chicken coop with an amazing chicken run space included will make you fall in love with the idea. To make the top of the roof cut a sheet of corrugated metal to fit on top of the hutch style chicken coop, allowing a bit of an overhang on all side. Even though you’re going to cover the back of the coop with plywood, corrugated metal, or both, do not skip adding the hardware cloth. Permanent Hoop Coop is not hard to build. When we bought our farm, it came complete with many things, one of which as a chicken coop. 7) Triangle Shape Chicken Run Plan. I've revealed an excellent guide that can show you how to build a cheap chicken coop.It doesn't matter if your a master carpenter or a total beginner, If you require a big or small coop, or if you have a small or big budget. Spread hardware cloth over each frame, allowing for approximately ½ inch of excess to wrap around each side of the door. This nesting box is constructed with 2X2s and 7/16″ plywood. I wanted to build a sturdy new chicken coop that was going to be ultra simple to clean, and collect eggs from and be very easy on the budget. Use a trampoline, swingsets, dressers, cabinets, cribs, playhouses, pallets, armoire, cars and more. If you have the scrap lumber, this one is completely free to build, aside from the fencing that is. Of course, I want something that I can DIY but I also want it to be relatively cheap to build and I want it to protect my chickens from other animals. Fill it with chicken wire! You can see these eaves on one of my coops pictured below. Finally, a hinged door will be placed on the lower portion of the DIY chicken to give the members of the flock ample access ways to their day run. If you have a pre-assembled metal roof, you can screw that metal roof to the pallets so that it’s held in place. If you want to build a basic chicken coop, plan at least 5 square feet per chicken, plus a nesting area of at least 1 square foot per hen. You can build a chicken coop that is predator proof from scrap material found around most homesteads and a couple small rolls of fencing – or less than $100 worth of wood. Cover each frame with hardware cloth, and secure it with multiple staples. I am going to regularly plant herb seeds either directly into the dirt, or in sturdy planters so the flock can have free choice access to their nutritional and medicinal supplements. What Can You Do With Wire Hangers (Can You Recycle Them)? There won’t be much scrap left, but save it anyway; it could come in handy one day. Before we start to the free plans, it’s important to know what makes a good chicken coop. myoutdoorplans. You seriously need these in your backyard. Pallets will work as your roof, just make sure to cover it with either sheets of metal, plastic, or a tarp. This post may contain affiliate links. Abut the ends of the six foot long stud supports to the ends of the 33 foot long stud supports so they form a box and are flush. Making a chicken coop from a shed is another way to build a cheap coop. Last summer I turned a smaller hutch into a chick brooder and it worked out great. Mark and cut to fit with enough excess wire to fold around all sides. Build Your Own Chicken Coop … Use a pencil to mark a 3-inch border on the panel, then attach it to the frame by driving 1 5/8-inch screws at each corner of the border. First of all, you get access to high quality eggs! During the winter months I can simply undo the baling twine and allow the rubber roofing to unfurl over the front of the coop to allow more weather protection for the chickens. Measure the openings on the chicken coop to make sure you do not need to adapt the length or width of any of your already cut materials. Apr 19, ... You should consider building your own chicken coop/How to build a Chicken Coop with these ready-made easy to follow plans! Just screw the wooden panels together and cover the chicken coop roof with shingles. You will build the doors just like you did the divider pieces. This article features detailed instructions about making a simple A-frame chicken coop, that can be built by virtually any person with average woodworking skills.