Here you can find the JNTUK Notes Pdf, Lecture Study Materials & Books related to Engineering departments like ECE, CSE, MECH, EEE and CIVIL branches of 1 … Project (IDP/UDP) -2011-12. conducting clinical trials in India for Mgmt study material created/ compiled by - Commander RK Singh Page 4 of 83 - Entrepreneurship Mgmt (Ver 1.1 – 06.04.2007) Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Mgmt Studies How do you define an entrepreneur in the 21st Century? Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and wavelets, Theory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation, Eukaryotic Gene Expression - basics and benefits, Geo-informatics in Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering - Building materials and Construction, Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming, Concept of Management and Evolution of Management thought, Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution (Encapsulated from earlier Video), Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - I, Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - II, Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Systems, Strength and Vibration of Marine Structures, Numerical Analysis in Computer Programming, Introduction to Transportation Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing I, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing II, Fundamentals of Environmental Pollution and Control, Introduction to Database Systems and Design, Broadband Networks: Concepts and Technology, ACM Summer School On Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms,2018 - Coimbatore, Topics In Theoretical Computer Science,2018 - Chennai Mathematical Institute, ACM Summer School in Information Security and Forensics, 2018 - Bangalore, Introduction to Turbulent Flows and their prediction, NOC:Fundamentals of X-ray diffraction and Transmission electron microscopy, NOC:Testing of Functional and Technical Textiles, Prof. Sudarshan Iyengar, Result. Eddy Current Braking 2.Creation of Magnetic Field Without Moving Objects, Lecture 30: Single Phase Energy Meter (Contd....), Lecture 31: Connection of Energy Meter, Wattmeter, and Three Phase Supply, Lecture 34: Polar potentiometer and phase shifter, Lecture 37: Kelvin-Varley potential divider, Lecture 42: Current transformer and potential transformer (Main), Lecture 43: Review of transformer and magnetic circuit, Lecture 44: Errrors in Instrument ransformer (Main), Lecture 45: Flux density measurement with Ballistic Galvanometer, Lecture 46: Flux density measurement with Ballistic Galvanometer (Contd..) (Main), Lecture 47: Background: From Flip Flop to Counters - I (Main), Lecture 48: Background: From Flip Flop to Counters - II, Lecture 49: Background: Operational Amplifiers - I (Main), Lecture 50: Background: Operational Amplifiers - II (Main), Lecture 51: Background: Operational Amplifiers - III (Main), Lecture 52: Background: Operational Amplifiers - IV (Main), Lecture 53: Inverting amplifier versus Schmitt Trigger (Additional), Lecture 54: Non-inverting amplifier versus Schmitt Trigger (Additional), Lecture 55: Difference amplifier - I (Main), Lecture 57: Difference amplifier - III (Main), Lecture 58: Digital frequency meter (Main), Lecture 59: Digital frequency meter & Schmitt Trigger (Main), Lecture 62: Digital frequency meter (Main), Lecture 63: Linear ramp type digital voltmeter (Main), Lecture 64: Dual slope digital voltmeter - I (Main), Lecture 65: Dual slope digital voltmeter - II (Main), Lecture 66: Dual slope digital voltmeter and Integrator circuit, Lecture 67: Digital ramp type voltmeter (Main), Lecture 68: Digital ramp type voltmeter and Successive approximation type voltmeter, Lecture 71 : Why we need electronic Instruments, Lecture 72 : Instruments with op-amp based amplifiers - I, Lecture 73 : Instruments with op-amp based amplifiers - II, Lecture 74 : Instruments with op-amp based amplifiers - III, Lecture 78: Astable and monostable oscillator circuits. This is fully updated class notes for all GATE/IES/PSU candidates. This study material is useful for the student who is preparing for Civil Services, … NPTEL Notes of Hydraulics and Pneumatics. ,Prof. Mitesh Khapra, Dr. V. Vijaya Lakshmi (Instructor Incharge), Dr.T.N.Balasubramanian (Rtd. Exam sites. Topical problems of continuum mechanics. Free Self-Study Six Sigma Training Guides & Full Edition Manuals for Six Sigma Professionals: The Council for Six Sigma Certification is excited to offer a perfect solution for those that are self-reliant or simply cannot afford the cost of traditional six sigma training. 34 downloads 6 Views 569KB Size Report. Must Read: Study Material For GATE 2021 PDF. Pdf unit 1,2,3 NPTEL video on Que NPTEL Video on Queing n NPTEL Video on Queing n Queing 4.Inventory Control Model 5.Sequencing Model December 2015 Question paper and Solution December 2016 Question Paper and Solution. Download free Electronics Communication Engineering Study Material Gate Psu Ebooks, Study Material, Notes , Previous Year Papers, Project, Presentation , Subject wise Analysis of Previous GATE papers ... NPTEL Web ECE Study Material link Collection. The ownership of the information lies with the respective authors or institutions. Study Material from NPTEL. Fluid Mechanics PDF PDF, epub. This is one of over 2,200 courses on OCW. Notes for Mobile Computing - MC by Kaibalya Sethi | lecture notes, notes, PDF free download, engineering notes, university notes, best pdf notes, semester, sem, year, for all, study material. ... moses wondered where he was going to get the expensive materials to build the … NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Just take a look.” – Here we are posting some study material of Electrical … GATE Mathematics Study Materials in Hand Written Notes Imp. of the document as well as freely available material from internet were consulted for preparing this document. NPTEL Jan 2021 Semester 1 a. Jan 2021 Semester - Enrollments are now open for 500+ courses! Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 3 Lecture 4 … Certification Courses Study Materials and ebooks PDF Free Projects & Final Year Project Reports PDF Live Support-Chat … NPTEL is the largest online repository in the world for courses. TagLine:Some download links are not working on this site so visit our new site to get all type video LECTURES, notes for free Keyword Stats 2018-10-21 at 13_09_51 Download PDF of Nptel Material offline reading, offline notes, free download in App, Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF … Where to find gate study material for electronics & communication engineering 2020 exam ? Advertisements “How to download gate study material for electrical 2020 exam ? Advertisements “How to download gate study material for electronics & communication 2020 exam ? NOC:Artificial Intelligence Search Methods For Problem Solving, NOC: Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture, ACM Winter School 2019 on High Performance Computing (HPC) IIT Kanpur, NOC:Fundamentals of Electric vehicles: Technology & Economics, ACM - Indian Summer School on Programming Languages: Principles & Practice - Pune, NOC:Introduction to Embedded System Design, NOC:Quantum Chemistry of Atoms and Molecules, NOC:Earthquake Resistant Design of Foundations, NOC:Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Spectroscopy, NOC:Path Integral Methods in Physics & Finance, NOC:Polymers: concepts, properties, uses and sustainability, NOC:The Future of Manufacturing Business: Role of Additive Manufacturing, NOC:Electrical Equipment and Machines: Finite Element Analysis, NOC:Modern Indian Art From the Colonial Period to the Present, NOC:Introduction to Multimodal Urban Transportation Systems (MUTS), NOC:Computational Fluid Dynamics using Finite Volume Method, NOC:Urban Landuse and transportation planning, NOC:Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning, NOC:Introduction to Western Political Thought, NOC:High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers, NOC:Engineering drawing and computer graphics, NOC:Right to Information and Good Governance, NOC:Constitution of India and Environmental Governance: Administrative and Adjudicatory Process, NOC:One and two dimensional NMR Spectroscopy for chemists, NOC:Finite Element Method: Variational Methods to Computer Programming, NOC:Fundamentals of Convective Heat Transfer, NOC:Introductory Neuroscience & Neuro-Instrumentation, NOC:Object Oriented System Development using UML, Java and Patterns, NOC:Data Structure and algorithms using Java, NOC:Computational Number Theory and Algebra, NOC:Solar Energy Engineering and Technology, NOC:Bandit Algorithm (Online Machine Learning), NOC:Organization Development and Change in 21st Century, NOC:Power System Protection and Switchgear, NOC:Introduction to Airbreathing Propulsion, NOC:Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems, NOC:Introduction to Developmental Biology, NOC:Introduction to Engineering Seismology, NOC:Design and Simulation of Power conversion using open source tools, NOC:Google Cloud Computing Foundation Course, NOC:Transition Metal Organometallics in Catalysis and Biology, NOC:Structure, Form and Architecture : The Synergy, NOC:Services Marketing : Integrating People, Technology, Strategy, NOC:Managerial Skills for Interpersonal Dynamics, NOC:High Power Multilevel Converters- Analysis, design and operational issues, NOC:Characterization of Construction Materials, NOC:Robotics and Control : Theory and Practice, NOC:Introduction to Civil Engineering Profession, NOC:Maintenance and Repair of Concrete Structures, NOC:Mechanical Characterization of Bituminous Materials, NOC:NBA Accreditation and Teaching - Learning in Engineering (NATE), NOC:Introduction to Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, NOC:Dealing with materials data : collection, analysis and interpretation, NOC:Introduction to Atmospheric and Space Sciences, NOC:Foundations of Computational Materials Modelling, NOC:Fundamentals of combustion for propulsion, NOC:Geo Spatial Analysis in Urban Planning, NOC:Modelling and Analytics for Supply Chain Management, NOC:Electrochemical Technology in Pollution Control, NOC:Earthquake Geology:A tool for Seismic Hazard Assessment, NOC:Physics through Computational Thinking, NOC:Regulatory requirements for medical devices THANK YOU. GATExplore provides best GATE Study Material for Civil Engineering IES-ESE study material, GATE study material for civil Engineering free to download PDF Banking Websites. Certification Courses Study Materials and ebooks PDF Free Projects & Final Year Project Reports PDF Live Support-Chat … CIVIL Engineering CLASS LECTURE NOTES pdf free Download basic all civil subjects ebook study material of all semester GATE PSU IES made easy syllabus mcqs Skip to content Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf free download. On this page, we have tabulated semester wise JNTU Study Materials and Lecture Notes … NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Government Websites. To download GATE Mechanical Syllabus use the following Link. Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials - Course - Nptel NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. (Main), Lecture 12: Ballistic Galvanometer (Main), Lecture 18 : Rectifier based Voltmeters and Ammeter I (Main), Lecture 19 : Rectifier based Voltmetesr and Ammeter II (Main), Lecture 20 : Resistance measurement with a Voltmeter and an Ammeter (Main), Lecture 21 : Four-Terminal Resistance (Main), Lecture 22 : Problems: Four Terminal Resistance (Additional), Lecture 24: Sensitivity, Accuracy, and Resolution of Wheatstone Bridge (Main), Lecture 26: High Resistance Measurement (Main), Lecture 27: Wattmeter Connection and Compensated Wattmeter (Main), Lecture 29: Demonstration: 1. NPTEL HT HMT | lecture notes, notes, PDF free download, engineering notes, university notes, best pdf notes, semester, sem, year, for all, study material Heat and Mass Transfer Video Notes Page 6/10. Title:Vist our new site to download letest content ,ALL TYPE LECTURES FOR FREE LINK is 2.0), NOC:Current regulatory requirements for Mid Sem. Module 01. JNTU Study Materials – JNTUH, JNTUK & JNTUA Lecture Notes – Students across the three sister universities may download semester wise and branch wise JNTU Study Materials and Class Notes for R09, R10, R13, R15 & R16 regulations. Just take a look.” – Here we are posting some study … NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Read Online Mass Transfer Nptel NPTEL | LectureNotes MassTransfer MassTransfer provides Download the following notes by clicking on the download button. Download Ebook Lesson 35 D Nptel Lesson 35 D Nptel Yeah, reviewing a ebook lesson 35 d nptel could grow your close links listings. Today team CG Aspirants share with you chemical engineering gate handwritten notes study materials in pdf format. Before downloading the notes you can check the syllabus of GATE Mechanical. Comment. Lecture - 1 Review of … With these 19 best NPTEL courses, you will be surely … Acces PDF Structural Analysis 2 Nptel deals with the study of crystal structure of materials and their defects. Study Material from NPTEL. Link – Unit 1 Notes Unit 2 Link – Unit 2 Notes Unit 3 Link – Unit 3 Notes Unit 4 Link – Unit 4 Notes Unit 5 Link – Unit 5 Notes . Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 7th ed. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Waves in Guided and Wireless Media, NOC:Introduction to Finite Volume Methods II, NOC:Solar Photovoltaics: Principles, Technologies & Materials, NOC:Defects in Crystalline Solids (Part-II), NOC:Multidimensional NMR Spectroscopy for Structural Studies of Biomolecules, NOC:Symmetry and Structure in the Solid State, NOC:Subsurface exploration :importance and techniques involved, NOC:Applications of interactomics using Genomics and proteomics technologies, NOC:Fundamentals of semiconductor devices, NOC:Electronic Systems for Cancer Diagnosis, NOC:Electronic Modules for Industrial Applications using Op-Amps, NOC:Fundamental of Welding Science and Technology, NOC:Polymer Assisted Abrasive Finishing Processes, NOC:Friction and wear of materials: principles and case studies, NOC:Advance power electronics and Control, NOC:Teaching And Learning in Engineering (TALE), NOC:Learning about Learning: A Course on Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, NOC:Transport Phenomena of Non-Newtonian Fluids, NOC:Molecular Spectroscopy: A Physical Chemist's perspective, NOC:Advanced Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry, NOC:Environmental Remediation of Contaminated Sites, NOC:Manufacturing Guidelines for Product Design, NOC:Inspection and Quality Control in Manufacturing, NOC:Urban governance and Development Management (UGDM), ACM Summer School In Data Science,2018 - Goa, NOC: Steel Quality : Role of Secondary Refining & Continuous Casting, NOC:Chemistry: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding, NOC:Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography, NOC:Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations and Applications, NOC:Mathematical Modelling: Analysis and Applications, NOC:Infrared spectroscopy for pollution monitoring, NOC:Fabrication Techniques for MEMs-based sensors : Clinical perspective, NOC:Op-Amp Practical Applications: Design, Simulation and Implementation, NOC:Physical Modelling for Electronics Enclosures using Rapid prototyping, NOC:Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators, NOC:Electrical Distribution System Analysis, NOC:Advanced Linear Continuous Control Systems: Applications with MATLAB Programming and Simulink, NOC:Innovation, Business Models and Entrepreneurship, NOC:Business Analytics & Data Mining Modeling Using R Part II, NOC:Fundamentals of Surface Engineering: Mechanisms,Processes and Characterizations, NOC:Principles of Metal Forming Technology, NOC:Culturally Responsive Built Environments, NOC:Role of Craft and Technology in Interior - Architecture, NOC:Bioengineering: An Interface with Biology and Medicine, NOC:Fire Protection, Services and Maintenance Management of Building, NOC:Introduction to Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, NOC:Yarn manufacture I : Principle of Carding and Drawing, NOC:Theory of groups for physics applications, NOC:Design and pedagogy of the introductory programming course, NOC:Inorganic Chemistry of Life: Principles and Perspectives, NOC:Computational Chemistry and Classical Molecular Dynamics, NOC:Principles of Digital Communications (July-Oct 2018), NOC:Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, NOC:Data Analysis and Decision Making - I, NOC:Introduction to Modern Indian Political Thought, NOC:Simulation of Business Systems: An Applied Approach, NOC:Photogeology In Terrain Evaluation (Part 2), NOC:Introduction to Accounting and Finance for Civil Engineers, NOC:Phase Equilibria in Materials (Nature & Properties of Materials-II), NOC:Smart Materials and Intelligent System Design, NOC:Principle of Hydraulic Machines and System Design, NOC:Introduction to Abrasive Machining and Finishing Processes, NOC:Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems, NOC:Advanced Quantum Mechanics with Applications, NOC:Embedded Systems-Design Verification and Test, NOC:Multi-Core Computer Architecture-Storage and Interconnects, NOC:Applied Optimization for Wireless, Machine Learning, Big Data, NOC:Fiber-Optic Communication Systems and Techniques, NOC:Advanced Topics in Probability and Random Processes, NOC:Design of fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, NOC:Introduction to Finite Volume Methods I, NOC:Defects in Crystalline Solids (Part-I), NOC:Fluid Inclusion in Mineral Principles, Methodology, Practice and Application, NOC:Heat Exchangers: Fundamentals and Design Analysis, NOC:Introduction to Non-linear Optics and its Applications, NOC:Introduction to Abstract and Linear Algebra, NOC:Computer Networks and Internet Protocol, NOC:Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases, NOC:Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, NOC:Analysis and Design Principles of Microwave Antennas, NOC:Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering, NOC:Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, NOC:Dairy and Food process and products technology, NOC:Organic Farming for Sustainable Agricultural Production, NOC:Introduction to Basic Spoken Sanskrit, NOC:Glass in buildings:  Design and Application, NOC:Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly, NOC:Surrogates and Approximations in Engineering Design, NOC:Introduction to probability and Statistics, NOC:Introduction to Abstract Group Theory, NOC:Groups : Motion, symmetry and puzzles, NOC:Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics, NOC:Architectural Design of Digital Integrated Circuits, NOC:Elementary Stereology for Quantitative Metallography, NOC:Welding of Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Applications, NOC:Experimental Stress Analysis: An Overview, NOC:Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, NOC:Sociological Perspectives on Modernity, NOC:Numerical Methods: Finite difference approach, NOC:Inductive Couple Plasma Atomic Emmission Spectrometry ( ICP-AES) for Pollution Monitering, NOC:An Introduction to Probability in Computing, NOC:Introduction to Human Computer Interaction, NOC:Fundamentals of Nuclear Power Generation, NOC:Introductory Mathematical Methods for Biologists, NOC:Advances in welding and joining technologies, NOC:Introduction to Machining and Machining Fluids, NOC:Mathematical Methods and Techniques in Signal Processing, NOC:Electronics Enclosures Thermal Issues, NOC:Integrated Circuits, MOSFETs, Op-Amps and their Applications, NOC:Digital and the Everyday: from codes to cloud, NOC:Effective Engineering Teaching in Practice, NOC:Energy Efficiency, Acoustics and daylighting in Building, NOC:Basics of software-defined radios and practical applications, NOC:Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics, NOC:Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers, NOC:Computer Organization and Architecture A Pedagogical Aspect, NOC:An Introduction to Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics, NOC:Measurement Technique in Multiphase Flows, NOC:Calculus for Economics,Commerce and Management, NOC:Computer Methods Of Structural Analysis Of Offshore Structures, NOC:Optimization Techniques for Digital VLSI Design, NOC:BioInformatics:Algorithms and Applications, NOC:Business analytics and data mining Modeling using R, NOC:Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry: Principles to applications, NOC:Digital elevation models and applications, NOC:Business Analytics For Management Decision, NOC:Soft Skills For Business Negotiations And Marketing Strategies, NOC:Introduction to Mechanical Micro Machining, NOC:Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Signal Processing, NOC:Soil Mechanics/Geotechnical Engineering I, NOC:Electronic Waste Management - Issues And Challenges, NOC:Gear and Gear Unit Design : Theory and Practice, NOC:Mineral Resources: Geology, Exploration, Economics And Environment, NOC:Traditional and Non-Traditional Optimization Tools, NOC:Architectural Conservation And Historic Preservation, NOC:Problem Solving through Programming in C, NOC:A Study Guide In Organic Retrosynthesis: Problem Solving Approach, NOC:Introduction To Molecular Thermodynamics, NOC:Management of New Products and Services, NOC:Practitioners Course In Descriptive, Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics, NOC:Thermodynamics Of Fluid Phase Equilibria, NOC:Nature And Properties Of Materials-An Introductory Course, NOC:Introduction To Professional Scientific Communication, NOC:Introduction to Advanced Cognitive Processes, NOC:Energy conservation and waste heat recovery, NOC:Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City, NOC:Heat Treatment and Surface Hardening - II, NOC:Trace and ultra-trace analysis of metals using atomic absorption spectrometry, NOC:Integral equations, calculus of variations and its applications, NOC:Sustainability through Green Manufacturing Systems: An Applied Approach, NOC:Principles of Construction Management, NOC:Computer Organization and Architecture, NOC:Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications, NOC:Unit operations of particulate matter, NOC:Advances in UHV Transmission and Distribution, NOC:Classical mechanics: from newtonian to lagrangian formulation, NOC:Computer architecture and organization, NOC:Introduction to algorithms and analysis, NOC:Constrained and unconstrained optimization, NOC:Geoenvironmental Engineering (Environmental Geotechnology): Landfills, Slurry Ponds & Contaminated Sites, NOC:Combustion in air breathing aero engines, NOC:Co-ordination chemistry (chemistry of transition elements), NOC:Introduction to Parallel Programming in OpenMP, NOC:Advanced Mathematical Methods for Chemistry, NOC:Principles of Communication Systems: Part - II, NOC:Enclosure design of electronics equipment, NOC:Momentum transfer in process engineering, NOC:Introduction to evolutionary dynamics, NOC:History of English Language and Literature, NOC:Fundamentals of manufacturing processes, NOC:Modelling and simulation of discrete event system, NOC:Processing of Polymers and Polymer Composites, NOC:Digital Image Processing of Remote Sensing Data, NOC:Chemical and biological thermodynamics: principles to applications, NOC:Patent Law for Engineers and Scientists, NOC:Micro and nano scale energy transport, NOC:Steel Quality : Role of Secondary Refining & Continuous Casting, NOC:Gender justice and workplace security, NOC:Modern digital communication techniques, NOC:Visual Perception and Art: A Survey Across the Cultures, NOC:Introduction to Basic Cognitive Processes, NOC:Analog Circuits and Systems through SPICE Simulation, NOC:Principles of Communication Systems - I, NOC:Earth Sciences for Civil Engineering - Part 2, NOC:Hydration, Porosity and Strength of Cementitious Materials, NOC:Compliant Mechanisms: Principles and Design, NOC:Introduction to Ancient Indian Technology, NOC:English Language for Competitive Exams, NOC:Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality, NOC:Landscape Architecture and Site Planning - Basic Fundamentals, NOC:Spread Spectrum Communications and Jamming, NOC:Qualitative Research Methods and Research Writing, NOC:Systems Engineering: Theory & Practice, NOC:Transport Processes I: Heat and Mass Transfer, NOC:Sustainable Engineering Concepts And Life Cycle Analysis, NOC:Digital Land Surveying And Mapping(DLS&M), NOC:Fundamentals of Material Processing - Part 2, NOC:Introducing Modern Western Art: Movements and Artists, NOC:Chemistry I:Introduction To Quantum Chemistry And Molecular Spectroscopy, NOC:Modeling Transport Phenomena of Microparticles, NOC:Design Principles of RF and Microwave Filters and Amplifiers, NOC:Foundation Course in Managerial Economics, NOC:Computational Science and Engineering Using Python, NOC:Offshore Structures Under Special Loads Including Fire Resistance, NOC:Visual Communication Design for Digital Media, NOC:Introduction to Experiments in Flight, NOC:Visual Semiotics for Visual Communication, NOC:Introduction to Dynamical Models in Biology, NOC:Outcome Based Pedagogic Principles for Effective Teaching, NOC:Services Marketing: A Practical Approach, NOC:Non Traditional Abrasive Machining Processes- Ultrasonic, Abrasive Jet and Abrasive Water Jet Machining, NOC:Mathematical Methods and its Applications, NOC:Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems, NOC:Linear Regression Analysis and Forecasting, NOC:Depreciation, Alternate Investment and Profitability Analysis, NOC:Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting, NOC:Fundamentals of Wavelets, Filter Banks and Time Frequency Analysis, NOC:Atomic and Molecular Absorption Spectrometry for Pollution Monitoring, NOC:Heat Transfer and Combustion in Multiphase Systems, NOC:Manufacturing Process Technology - II, Finite Element method for vibration and Stability analyses, Fundamental Algorithms:Design and Analysis, NOC:Adiabatic Two-Phase Flow and Flow Boiling in Microchannel, NOC:Time value of money-Concepts and Calculations, NOC:Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, NOC:Principles and Applications of Building Science, NOC:Strategic Communication for Sustainable Development, NOC:Computer numerical control (CNC) of machine tools and processes, NOC:Introduction to Modern Application Development, NOC:Fundamentals of Material Processing - I, NOC:Digital Human Modeling and Simulation for Virtual Ergonomics Evaluation, NOC:Privacy and Security in Online Social Media, NOC:Introduction to crystal elasticity and crystal plasticity, NOC:Pericyclic Reactions and Organic Photochemistry, NOC:Theory and Practice of Non Destructive Testing, NOC:Aircraft Dynamic Stability & Design Stability Augmentation System, NOC:Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python, NOC:Heat Treatment and Surface Hardening - I, NOC:Introduction on Intellectual Property to Engineers and Technologists, NOC:Fundamentals of MIMO Wireless Communication, NOC:Commodity Derivatives and Risk Management, NOC:An Introduction to Information Theory, NOC:Basics of Finite Element Analysis - II, NOC:Chemical Applications of Symmetry and Group Theory, NOC:Developing Soft Skills and Personality, Safety Practices in Chemical and Nuclear Industries, NOC:Phase field modelling: the materials science, mathematics and computational aspects, NOC:Computational Electromagnetics & Applications, Basic Algebraic Geometry : Varieties, Morphisms, Local Rings, Function Fields and Nonsingularity, NOC:Biomaterials for bone tissue engineering applications, NOC:Understanding Design Thinking & People Centred Design, NOC:Earth Sciences For Civil Engineering Part - I & II, NOC:Complex Network : Theory and Application, NOC:Biology for engineers and other non-biologists, NOC:Introduction to Indian Art - An appreciation, NOC:Probability and Stochastic for Finance II, NOC:Bayesian/ MMSE Estimation for Wireless Communications –MIMO/ OFDM Modern Construction Materials: 79: Module 2: Microstructure: Module 2 - Sample questions: Modern Construction Materials: 95: Module 3: Material Behaviour: Module 3 - Sample questions: Modern Construction Materials: 77 Toggle navigation. Students who want GATE 2021 Study Material for Mechanical Engineering of Class Notes Mechanical can download notes from the below table. You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. The UGC NET study materials are provided according to the new pattern and updated syllabus. Assignments. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. More Stuff. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. All these courses are available in video format and web format. Learn for free, Pay a small fee for exam and get a certificate. If you are looking for to Gate Chemical Engineering Study Material Free Download Pdf then you are in right place. Building materials and Construction (140602) Engineering … ... Lec : 1; Modules / Lectures. Each unit has been divided into several topics. including in vitro diagnostics in India (Version Advanced Antenna Theory; Analog Circuits; ... thanku for supplying pdf … Nptel is a joint initiative from IITs and IISc to offer online courses & certification. ), Instructor Incharge. Welcome! Don't show me this again. Now, you can go through UGC NET study material for Paper 1. GR. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. investigational new drugs/new drug (Version android-application assignment quiz nptel Updated Oct 13, 2017; Java; NavneetSharmaPro / NPTEL_CPP Star nptel mobile computing pdf 0 … An entrepreneur of 21 st century is a customer … MIT OpenCourseWare is a free & open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum.. No enrollment or registration. Lesson 35 D Nptel Lesson 35 - nptel. Here, you can find the brief and important topic of each unit of Paper 1. Unit 1. Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Basic Electrical Engineering Pdf Notes – Free BEE Pdf Notes Latest Material Links Link – Complete Notes. Cellular and Sensor Networks, NOC:Basic Building Blocks of Microwave Engineering, NOC:Principles and Applications of NMR Spectroscopy, Chemical Reaction Engineering 1 (Homogeneous Reactors), Chemical Reaction Engineering 2 (Heterogeneous Reactors), NOC:Nutrition, Therapeutics and Health (NM), NOC:Weather Forecast in Agriculture and Agro-advisory (WF), NOC:Basic Crop Production Practices (BCPP), NOC:GIS in Ag-Essentials and Applications (GIS), NOC:Differential Calculus in Several Variables, NOC:Error Control Coding: An Introduction to Convolutional Codes, NOC:Error control coding: An introduction to linear block code, NOC:Foundations of Wavelets and Multirate Digital Signal Processing, NOC:Partial Differential Equations (PDE) for Engineers: Solution by Separation of Variables, NOC:Introduction to Statistical Hypothesis Testing, NOC:Introduction to Process Modeling in Membrane Separation Process, NOC:Design and Simulation of DC-DC converters using open source tools, NOC:Technology Transfer through Joint Venture, NOC:Legal Compliance for Incorporating Startup, NOC:Experimental Stress Analysis:An Overview, Advanced Complex Analysis - Part 2: Compactness of Meromorphic Functions in the Spherical Metric, Spherical Derivative, Normality, Theorems of Marty-Zalcman-Montel-Picard-Royden-Schottky, Dynamic Data Assimilation: an introduction, Fabrication of Silicon VLSI Circuits using the MOS technology, NOC:Introduction to Machine Learning(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, NOC:Risk and Reliability of offshore structures, NOC:HSE for offshore and petroleum engineers-Practices, NOC:Manufacturing Process Technology -Part I, NOC:Probability and Stochastics for finance, NOC:Fundamentals of optical and scanning electron microscopy, NOC:Technical English for Engineers(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Biostatistics and design of experiments, NOC:Phase Diagrams in Materials Science and Engineering, NOC:Estimation for Wireless Communications - MIMO/ OFDM Cellular and Sensor Networks(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Application of Spectroscopic Methods in Molecular Structure Determination, NOC:Information Security - II(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Applied Multivariate Statistical Modeling, NOC:Industrial Automation and Control(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Principles of Human Resource Management, NOC:Probability Methods in Civil Engineering, NOC:Project Planning & Control(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Fundamentals of electronic materials and devices, NOC:Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer, Chemical Engineering Principles of CVD Processes, NOC:MATLAB Programming for Numerical Computation(Course sponsored by Aricent), Physical Applications of Stochastic Processes, Fundamentals of Industrial Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Statistical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, Astronomy in Ancient, Medieval and Early Telescopic Era of India, NOC:Probability and Random Variables/ Processes for Wireless Communications, NOC:Basic Calculus for Engineers, Scientists and Economists, NOC:Principles of Downstream techniques in Bioprocess, NOC:Manufacturing systems technology part II, Advanced Complex Analysis - Part 1:Zeros of Analytic Functions,Analytic continuation, Monodromy, Hyperbolic Geometry and the Reimann Mapping Theorem, Aircraft Performance, Stability and control with experiments in Flight, NOC:Managing Services(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Computer Architecture(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Fundamentals of Database Systems(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Networks and Systems(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Foundation of Computational Fluid Dynamics, NOC:Introduction to Data Analytics(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Practical English: Learning and Teaching(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Principles of Modern CDMA/ MIMO/ OFDM Wireless Communications(Course sponsored by Aricent), NOC:Manufacturing Systems Technology Part I, NUCLEAR REACTORS AND SAFETY- AN INTRODUCTION, NOC: Mechanics, heat oscillations and waves, Principles and Applications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Semiconductor Optical Communication Components and Devices, Introduction to Physics of Nanoparticles and Nanostructures, NOC:2016: Programming, Data structures and Algorithms, Machinery fault diagnosis and signal processing, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, Design for Manufacture and Assembly(DFMA), Textile chemical Processing: Theory and practice of Preparatory Processes, Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow, Probability Foundation for Electrical Engineers, Concepts in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Advanced Techniques in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, NOC:Health, Safety and Environmental Management in Offshore and Petroleum Engineering, NOC:Introduction to Information Security I, NOC:Programming and Data structures (PDS), NOC:Introduction to Time-Frequency Analysis and Wavelet Transforms, NOC:Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory, NOC:Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics, NOC:Strategy: An Introduction to game Theory, NOC:Literary Theory and Literary Criticism, Power Electronics and Distributed Generation, Principles and Parameters in Natural Language, Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (PG), Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture, Multiphase flows:Analytical solutions and Stability Analysis, Advanced manufacturing process for micro system fabrication, Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines, Electronic materials, devices, and fabrication, Nanostructures and Nanomaterials: Characterization and Properties, NOC:Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital System design with PLDs and FPGAs, Nano structured materials-synthesis, properties, self assembly and applications, Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications, Applied Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence: Search Methods for Problem Solving, Special/Select Topics in the Theory of Atomic Collisions and Spectroscopy, Computational Fluid Dynamics for Turbomachinery, Geosynthetics Engineering: In Theory and Practice, Instability & Patterning of Thin Polymer Films, Organic Chemistry and Pericyclic Reactions, Introduction to Explosions and Explosion Safety, Advanced ceramics for strategic applications, Pulse width Modulation for Power Electronic Converters, Operations Research Applications – Linear and Integer Programming, Co-ordination chemistry (chemistry of transition elements), Introduction to Crystallographic texture and related phenomenon, Mathematics in India - From Vedic Period to Modern Times, Strategic Marketing - Contemporary Issues, Physics of Magnetic Recording and Recording Media, An Introduction to Underground Mine Environment and Ventilation, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Bioanalytical Techniques and Bioinformatics, Introduction to Stochastic Processes and its Applications, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes, Analysis of variance and design of experiment-II, Mechatronics and Manufacturing Automation, Ideas and methods in condensed matter theory, Organisation of Engineering Systems and Human Resources Management, Bio-Organic Chemistry of Natural Enediyne Anticancer Antibiotics, Smart Material, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Mechanical Systems - IITK, An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves: Complex 1-Tori and Elliptic Curves, Analysis of variance and design of experiment-I, Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing, Numerical methods of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Computational Approach to Materials Science and Engineering, Economics / Management / Entrepreneurship, Modelling and control of Dynamic Electro-Mechanical System, Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition, Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications, Heavy and Fine Chemicals (Chemical Process Technology), Selected Topics in Co-ordination Chemistry, Structural Health Monitoring of Composites, Process Design Decisions and Project Economics, Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Design Paradigm: Source Of Innovation & Invention, Design Verification and Test of Digital VLSI Circuits, Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, NOC:Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structures, Computational Number Theory & Cryptography, Acoustic Instabilities in Aerospace Propulsion, Flight dynamics II - Airplane stability and control, Health,Safety and Environmental Management in Petroleum and Offshore Engineering, Introduction to Computational Neuroscience, Wave simulation, measurement and analysis, Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Chemical Engineering, Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems, Water Resources Systems : Modeling Techniques and Analysis, Organic photochemistry and pericyclic reactions, Calculus of Variations and Integral Equations, Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication Processes, Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics and Dynamics, Advanced 3G and 4G Wireless Mobile Communications, Instability and Patterning of Thin Polymer Films, Hydrological Measurements and Analysis of Data, An Introduction to Electronics Systems Packaging, Nuclear Physics: Fundamentals and Applications, Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science, Molecular Simulations in Chemical Engineering, Mechanics of Laminated composite structure, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Exploring Human Values: Visions of Happiness and Perfect Society, Instability and Transition of Fluid Flows, Ergonomics for beginners: Industrial design perspective, Power Quality in Power Distribution Systems, Introduction to Colloid and Interface Science and Engineering, Aquatic Biodiversity and Environmental Pollution, Indexing and Searching Techniques in Databases, Program Optimization for Multi-core Architectures, Advanced Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra for Engineers, Special/Select Topics in Classical Mechanics, Optical Measurement Techniques in Thermal Sciences, Materials and Energy balance in Metallurgical Processes, Materials and Heat Balance in Metallurgical Processes, Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, Advanced Control System Design for Aerospace Vehicles, Water Resources Systems Planning and Management, Design and Optimization of Energy systems, Adv. Prof. Padmavati Download PDF . UGC NET Study Materials for Paper 1. Notices. Educational Websites. A self-propelled passenger vehicle that usually has four wheels and an internal combustion engine used for land transport also called motorcar, An automobile is a vehicle that is capable of propelling itself since seventeen century,several attempts have been made to design and construct a practically operative automobile, components of engine,mechanism forming components,structural components valu… 2.0), NOC:Interactomics : Basics & Applications, NOC:Environmental Quality Monitoring & Analysis, NOC:Energy Resources, Economics and Environment, NOC:Computational Fluid Dynamics for Incompressible Flows, NOC:Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics, NOC:Electronics equipment integration and Prototype building, NOC:Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling, NOC:Modeling of tundish steelmaking process in continuous casting, NOC:Introduction to Blockchain Technology and Applications, NOC:Transmission lines and electromagnetic waves, NOC:Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy : Fundamentals of optical measurements and instrumentation, NOC:User-centric Computing for Human-Computer Interaction, NOC:A brief introduction of Micro - Sensors, NOC:Computer Aided Applied Single Objective Optimization, NOC:Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering, NOC:An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, NOC:Essentials of Biomolecules : Nucleic Acids and Peptides, NOC:Fuzzy Sets, Logic and Systems & Applications, NOC:Properties of Materials (Nature and Properties of Materials : III), NOC:Thermodynamics for Biological Systems : Classical and Statistical Aspect, NOC:Introduction to Environmental Economics, NOC:Strategic Trade and protectionism - Theories and Empirics, NOC:Literary Criticism (From Plato to Leavis), NOC:Introduction to Political Ideologies : Contexts, Ideas, and Practices, ACM Summer School on Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms,2019 - Calicut, ACM Summer School on Compiler Design and Construction,2019 - Pune, ACM Summer School on Geometric Algorithms and their Applications,2019 - Bhubaneswar, ACM Summer School on Algorithmic and Theoretical Aspects of Machine Learning,2019 - Bangalore, ACM Summer School on Algorithmic Game Theory,2019 - IIT Gandhinagar, NOC:Product Design Using Value Engineering, NOC:Selection Of Nanomaterials For Energy Harvesting And Storage Application, NOC:Decision making using financial accounting, NOC:Introduction to Aerospace Engineering, NOC:Genetic Engineering: Theory and Application, NOC:Solar Photovoltaics Fundamentals, Technology And Applications, NOC:Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law, NOC:Patent Search for Engineers and Lawyers, NOC:Data Analysis & Decision Making - III, NOC:Turbulent Combustion: Theory and Modelling, NOC:Technologies For Clean And Renewable Energy Production, NOC:Designing learner-centric e-learning in STEM disciplines, NOC:Sustainable and Affordable Sanitation Solutions For Small Towns: Policy, Planning and Practice, NOC:Mathematical Modeling Of Manufacturing Processes, NOC:Mathematical Methods for Boundary Value Problems, NOC:Fundamentals of Conduction and Radiation, NOC:Continuum Mechanics and Transport Phenomena, NOC:Plastic Working Of Metallic Materials, NOC:Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence, NOC:Sustainable Materials and Green Buildings, NOC:Neural Networks for Signal Processing – I, NOC:Microelectronics: Devices To Circuits, NOC:Fundamentals of Particle and Fluid Solid Processing, NOC:Thermo-Mechanical And Thermo-Chemical Processes, NOC:Organic Chemistry in Biology and Drug Development, NOC:Mapping Signal Processing Algorithms to Architectures, NOC:Principles of Combing, Roving preparation & Ring spinning, NOC:Science and Technology of Weft and Warp Knitting, NOC:Drug Delivery: Principles and Engineering, NOC:Nanotechnology, Science and Applications, NOC:Fundamentals of micro and nanofabrication, NOC:Teaching And Learning in General Programs: TALG, NOC:(TALE 2: Course Design and Instruction of Engineering Courses), NOC:Integral Transforms And Their Applications, NOC:Introduction to Fuzzy Set Theory, Arithmetic and Logic, NOC:Introduction to Methods of Applied Mathematics, NOC:Thermal Operations in Food Process Engineering: Theory and Applications, NOC:Path Integral and functional methods in quantum field theory, NOC:Artistic Exploration in Scientific Research And Technology, NOC:Electrical Measurement and Electronic Instruments, NOC:Principles and Techniques of Modern Radar Systems, NOC:Thermodynamics: Classical to statistical, NOC:Body language: Key to professional Success, NOC:An Introduction To Programming Through C++, NOC:Spectroscopic Techniques for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries, NOC:Appreciating Linguistics: A typological approach, NOC:Financial Derivatives & Risk Management, NOC:Business Analytics & Text Mining Modeling Using Python, NOC:Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science - Fundamental and Sustainability Concepts, NOC:Global Navigation Satellite Systems And Applications, NOC:NMR spectroscopy for Chemists and Biologists, NOC:A short lecture series on contour integration in the complex plane, NOC:Intermediate Level of Spoken Sanskrit, NOC:Practical Machine Learning with Tensorflow, NOC:Accreditation and Outcome based Learning, NOC:Disaster Recovery And Build Back Better, NOC:Two-Phase flow with phase change in conventional and miniature channels, NOC:Introduction To Statistical Mechanics, NOC:Numerical Methods And Simulation Techniques For Scientists And Engineers, NOC:Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers - SDOF systems, NOC:Geomorphic Processes: Landforms and Landscapes, NOC:Fundamentals and Applications of Dielectric Ceramics, Researching Anglo-Indians in India and the Diaspora,2018 - Chennai, DRAVIDIAN TEMPLE ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES,2018 - Chennai, NOC:Regulatory requirements for medical devices and IVDs in India, NOC:Advanced Topics in the Science and Technology of Concrete, NOC:Infrastructure Planning and Managements, NOC:Introduction to History of Architecture in India, NOC:Foundations to Computer Systems Design, NOC:Machine Learning for Engineering and Science Applications, NOC:Information Security - 5 - Secure Systems Engineering, NOC:Process Control - Design, Analysis and Assessment, NOC:Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy, NOC:Chemical Principles II(Basic thermodynamics : Classical and Statistical Approaches), NOC:Current regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials in India, NOC:Managing Intellectual Property in Universities, NOC:English Literature of the Romantic Period, 1798-1832, NOC:Geotechnical Engineering II Foundation Engineering, NOC:Mass, Momentum and Energy Balances in Engineering Analysis, NOC:Electronic Packaging and Manufacturing, NOC:Kinematics of Mechanisms and Machines, NOC:Transform Calculus and its applications in Differential Equations, NOC:Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things, NOC:Introduction to Automata, Languages and Computation, NOC:Reactive Intermediates Carbene and Nitrene, NOC:Power System Dynamics, Control and Monitoring, NOC:Evolution of Air Interface towards 5G, NOC:Satellite Attitude Dynamics and Control, NOC:Novel Technologies for Food Processing and Shelf Life Extension, NOC:Surface Engineering for Corrosion and Wear Resistance Application, NOC:Network Analysis for Mines and Mineral Engineering, NOC:Employment Communication A Lab based course, NOC:Introduction to the Pyschology of Language, NOC:Descriptive Statistics with R Software, NOC:Electromagnetic mechanical engineering study material, nptel videos for mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering video lectures +91-9600002211 / 044-24321077 (9. NOC:Electrical Measurement and Electronic Instruments (Video), Lecture 02: Electrodynamic Instrument (Main), Lecture 03: Demonstration of PMMC and Electrodynamic Instruments (Additional Practical Demonstration), Lecture 04: Features of PMMC and Electrodynamic Instruments (Main), Lecture 05: Moving Iron Instruments (Main), Lecture 06: Demonstration of Moving Iron Instrument (Additional Practical Demonstration), Lecture 07: Electrostatic Instrument (Main), Lecture 08: Derivation of Deflecting Torque in Electrodynamic, Electrostatic & Moving Iron Instrument (Additional Advanced Topic), Lecture 09: Damping and Eddy Current Damping (Main), Lecture 10: Dynamics of the Moving Coil and Damping(Main), Lecture 11: Dynamics of the Moving Coil and Damping (Contd.) Where to find gate study material for electrical engineering 2020 exam ? You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. The following study material is useful for GATE/IES/PSUs exam. Further, this document is not intended to be used for commercial purpose and NPTEL :: Mechanical … Forms and Docs. News Paper. Patent_SAR. It includes undergraduate and postgraduate courses to help learners learn in their space with downloadable resources.