Legendary Deathclaw New Vegas. A hard to hit target, certainly, but a skilled gunner could regularly inflict massive damage by … Deathclaw sactuary is a location in Fallout 3 that can be found between Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel and Broadcast Tower KB5. Rose from Modoc and her Deathclaw Omelets are another reference to Fallout 2. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Deathclaws at Quarry Junction? The Legendary Deathclaw - what is it, where is it, and how to kill it.. Perhaps you have heard of the Legendary Deathclaw from Red Lucy, the shrewd businesswoman who runs “The Thorn” beneath Westside. Bugs Edit pc pc ps3 ps3 xbox360 xbox360 In V.A.T.S , the head of a deathclaw mother seems to be its neck instead of its actual head. ". Another mod adds Dogmeat to Fallout: New Vegas. Stimpacks, Doctor's Bags, Med-X, and and as much food as you can carry. I’ll give credit where it’s due, New Vegas on the whole is more fun game that has better factions and I would argue better side quests. Luckily, there are plenty of unique weapons present in Fallout: New Vegas to make killing the toughest of Deathclaws a little bit easier. So I’ve played Fallout 4 a couple times and am playing New Vegas now. The sanctuary is a dark cave maze with one blood pool and multiple body piles, torn apart people, animal bones and skeletons. The targeting system in Fallout 2 allowed for somewhat more variety in targets than in Fallout: New Vegas, as the eye was a valid target. The deathclaw promontory is an unmarked spot by the eastern edge of the map. His master, a scavenger, was killed by a band of raiders in the scrapyard where the dog is to be found. That said heres my opinion on where Fallout 4 bested New Vegas. On the … Quantum deathclaw is a creature in Nuka-World, still found in the game's files, but not present anywhere in the game world. A new version of Dogmeat appears in Fallout 4. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Deathclaw locations? The mutants and bandits that roam the Mojave wasteland are formidable opponents that will require stellar gear to take down. RELATED: 7 Reasons The Outer Worlds Is Better Than Fallout New Vegas (& 7 Why New Vegas Is Better) The sanctuary is full of Deathclaws, and is one of the most dangerous locations in the game. An entirely different dog named Dogmeat appears in Fallout 3 by Bethesda Softworks, which begins in the year 2277. ". Cross the Colorado River at Cliffside Prospector Camp and head due east. Gather any supplies you might need. Boston beats New Vegas… Deathclaws appear in Fallout: New Vegas, its add-on Lonesome Road and one in Old World Blues. If you haven't even passed Quarry Junction yet, listen to the advice the workers give you: go around and start stocking up on supplies once you reach New Vegas. it's funny because it was only a one level differance between being a pansy to a super hardcore bad*** at deathclaws, thick line 27 and 28. also why with the gobi sniper and the special gauss rifle, it only takes one shot to the head to kill a full grown deathclaw and 6 shots for a young one.