Professional installation can raise the cost an additional $50 to $65 per square foot, bringing the total for professionally installed soapstone countertops to between $95 and $150 per square foot. We also make any custom size sink! Check out these 7 design ideas for inspiration. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a slab that has more white than gray. We use state of the art CNC stone working equipment along with the latest computer software to create true works of art. Soapstone countertops are worth considering if you want natural stone that is low-maintenance and quite hardy. While many soapstone countertops spotted on Pinterest of Instagram appear to be one solid color, the material can also be found with veins or striking streaks in green, black, yellow, blue, brown, or white as shown in this kitchen by Ben Herzog Architect, out of Brooklyn, New York. Integral counter sinks, are one option that homeowners may consider for their soapstone countertop. Soapstone Facts. It has a sensitive makeup that can be damaged if the correct materials are not used. You also have the ability to reverse this look by removing the mineral oil. Call 610-994-2222 for a free estimate. For kitchen soapstone countertops, we recommend using 1-1/4″ thick soapstone which, unlike thinner material, doesn’t require a sub-base on your cabinets. Chic kitchen boasts pure white cabinets paired with soapstone countertops, black counters with white veining, mosaic marble backsplash. Transitional kitchen features off white shaker cabinets, soapstone countertops, and glossy white subway tiles. Known in the industry as ‘White Soapstone’ this material is truly a marble, and does not maintain the properties of soapstone. Soapstone counters are not harmed by hot pots, citrus, wine, acids or chemicals. Monthly specials on slabs, sinks, floor tile and more. For the right owner, these countertops will be easier to care for and more charming than most other natural stone or engineered stone countertops. A black and gold linear chandelier hangs over a white kitchen island topped with a soapstone countertop seating vintage brown counter stools. White Soapstone*** Characterized by a white base and dramatic dark grey veining this stone can confuse some consumers. The possibilities are endless , please see some examples on our carving gallery. Get a Free Quote from a local supplier of in-stock Soapstone Countertops. If you like the deep rich color of soapstone and love to see the prominent natural veining then the oil soapstone finish should be your choice. Soapstone is also very durable, and some soapstone sinks and countertops made in the 1800s are still in use today. Because of its softness, it can easily be scratched. It’s also amazingly customizable for a variety of uses. Most slabs are smaller than 7 feet meaning a project is more likely to have seams. We sell and install Soapstone Countertops In Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Naples, Clearwater, Orlando, Brandon, Odessa, Spring Hill, West Palm Beach, Bradenton, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, and Lee county. © 2020 M Teixeira Soapstone. We offer a very wide variety of products ranging in size and color. This stone is a total show-stopper. Get a quote on your Soapstone Countertop. A combination of the European style with the traditional grooves. Click Here to Find Great Soapstone Deals! soapstone This is a “Metamorphic” stone however it is a very compressed form of Talc with some intrusions of other minerals brought by the flow of water. Cleaning your soapstone tops can be done with any of the common household cleaners, no need to buy special sealants or other “hard to find” often harsh chemicals. Untreated soapstone results in shades of light gray. - casablanca103 If there is anything in particular you’d like to carve on your stone sink, backsplash or countertop just let us know and we’ll be happy to make it happen for you. Pale soapstone countertops paired with white marble definitely look great. The countertops and shelves in the kitchenette cabinet are made of 1/2″ birch cabinet grade plywood. Another contemporary option, this drainboard is just a clean flat surface sloped 1/2″. White inset kitchen cabinets adorned with polished nickel pulls and a soapstone bullnose countertop are fitted with a dual sink paired with a polished nickel deck mount faucet mounted under windows. white cabinets with soapstone countertops. Mar 21, 2012 - Soapstone Countertops. Fresh, clean and white. In order to achieve the aged look you can oil the soapstone once or twice and never oil it again. Soapstone countertops in a transitional kitchen paired with shiplap backsplash tiles, glass front kitchen cabinets and antique brass knobs. Includes 6 to 8 pieces of our current soapstone selection. Vintage brown counter stools sit at a white kitchen island accented with a soapstone countertop illuminated by a black and gold linear chandelier. Soapstone is a popular granite or marble alternative with a unique "soapy" texture. Each soapstone is labeled with the variety name. Look no further; soapstone is timelessly elegant, cleans up easily with soap and water, doesn’t stain, and is not affected by chemicals, acids or heat. See more ideas about Kitchen remodel, Kitchen inspirations, Kitchen design. Ipanema Soapstone, shown with chiseled edge detail. The only maintenance recommended, not required, is the mineral oil treatment to enhance the natural darkening process the stone goes through and to ensure the soapstone … White granite countertops can work well whether you want to match or contrast any décor. Large trendy eat-in kitchen photo in Philadelphia with recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances, glass tile backsplash, an island, an undermount sink, soapstone countertops and black countertops WTH is going on with that sink? Color options are limited as it only comes in varying shades of gray. Sep 24, 2019 - Global Granite & Marble. It is ideal for classic kitchen styles. This is many people’s favorite look. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This is more of a traditional look. Remember, anything that you get on the soapstone surface will not penetrate the stone. Supply your measurements & product details. Soapstone counters are not harmed by hot pots, citrus, wine, acids or chemicals. The primary sources for countertop soapstone are Brazil, America, and India. Soapstone: Composed primarily of talc, soapstone is a very soft material sometimes used for countertops. White kitchen designed with polished nickel hardware, soapstone perimeter countertops, and vintage latch hardware. White and black kitchen pantry features white shaker cabinets donning brass hardware and a soapstone countertop. If you check out your local stone company I’m sure you’d see a very similar one to mine. Sales vary per location. The colors offered include a White Diamond Marble pattern, Venetian Gold Granite pattern, Dark Emperador Marble pattern, Gray soapstone stone pattern, Black Granite finish, Riviera Marble pattern, and lastly, we offer Stainless Nickle and Stainless Chrome Satin. Vermont Marble Granite Slate & Soapstone Co. is the leading producer of soapstone and soapstone products ranging from slabs, bundles, and containers, to finished tops and even the kitchen sink! Homeowners who want an exquisite and exclusive product in their home are choosing soapstone countertops over granite and other natural stone surfaces. Islands add function and space to a room. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of White Soapstone Countertops in bathrooms, laundry/mudrooms, kitchens by elite interior designers. Select your kitchen layout, add your dimensions and you’ll receive a quote for your kitchen countertop in no time. Our color options range from white granite and gray to beige and even dark shades of brown and black. This material has been used for hearths and tabletop applications. Soapstone cannot be cleaned like other surfaces. At this point, we had a smooth 1 1/2″ countertop ready for the faux soapstone treatment using rustoleum chalkboard paint and paste wax. With our “Kitchen-to-go Kit”, homeowners can save money by installing their own soapstone countertop. Very popular in the UK, this more contemporary drainboard. Depending on the width of your sink, there are usually 8 runnels, 16″ to 18″ in length, from 0 to 1/2″ slope. White Soapstone. White Soapstone Marble countertop material is available in any of our locations in King of Prussia, Philadelphia, New Castle, and Harrisburg. Very Traditional Soapstone. Soapstone countertops can be a great choice for homeowners who like the old-time charm of a countertop that develops an antique patina over time. It often has white veins running across the stone, and sometimes has swirls of white or quartz. Call 802-468-8800 for more information & a quote. Soapstone almost always has a muted gray, gray-blue, or gray-green color. Some clients like the stone to feel rougher to the touch, others like it a little smoother and some like it in between, we can please all tastes by re-finishing the top of the slabs, at no additional cost. They can be used in numerous styles of kitchens or bathrooms, and in many areas of the home. soapstone slabs & countertops Are you seeking a beautiful, durable, naturally non-porous countertop that requires no maintenance? White soapstone countertops will be slightly gray and naturally marbled with browns and greys in a similar pattern to black. It does not take a … Soapstone is a beautiful, durable material that makes for a perfect granite alternative. A wall of glass windows dressed in black and white buffalo check roman shades brightens a transitional kitchen over a black soapstone apron sink. White kitchen cabinets contrasted with oil rubbed bronze pulls and a honed soapstone countertop are fitted with a sink paired with a pull out faucet mounted in front of a window framed by white shiplap and flanked by Elkins Sconces. It will have that aged, charcoal look. Installing soapstone kitchen countertops can transform the aesthetic of the room for the better. We offer custom 3d or 2d carving to enhance your apron sink or backsplash and add an additional touch of class to your project and make it even more unique. They’re beautiful in the kitchen and the bathroom with a clean edge. Chrome décor works well with the white stone, as do gray décor schemes and light woods like cedar and beech. Black and white pantry features black soapstone countertop and backsplash between white cabinets with black hardware. Soapstone Countertops Sizes & Pricing. Slab selection, digital fabrication & installation all by our experienced craftsmen! Soapstone is quarried in many places around the world, and these locations each provide unique slabs. Creating a unified and consistent look, integral sinks are one-of-a-kind and fuse the sink basin with countertop. Soapstone is one of the most beautiful natural stones to be found in the earth. The cost of soapstone is comparable to other natural stones. For the most part, soapstone is a stain-resistant material. Most backsplash material is made of 1-1/4″ thick soapstone. When you first oil the soapstone, because the oil won’t penetrate, it will eventually fade, and eventually return to it’s original light gray color, or very close to it. A collaboration of jobs we have completed . To achieve this look you will need to apply periodical coats of mineral oil to the stone until it develops a permanent patina. Eclectic kitchen boasts white flat front cabinets adorned with gold hardware paired with soapstone countertops fitted with a sink and gold gooseneck faucet under cow art lit by a brass picture frame. Mineral oil is not recommended to protect the soapstone, it does not need protection since it is naturally non- porous. Shallow farm sink in a transitional kitchen finished with off white shaker cabinets and soapstone countertops. It's like a coin slot. It has a flat surface with a 1/2″ slope and a 1/4″ lip around the sloped area. If you choose this option, you will eventually get oil and other spills on the soapstone. You can either clean it a common household cleaner or you can use a household steel-wool pad to clean that spot. A white granite slab truly looks incredible wherever it is installed in the home. White Quartz Countertops With White Cabinets. It’s pretty common. We offer custom soapstone countertops, solid block sinks, custom sinks, soapstone slabs, do-it-yourself countertops, bundles of slabs, containers of slabs, fireplaces and wood stoves. Occasionally, however, something may seep through the surface and leave a dark stain. Lining the kitchen wall with shiplap, this wall becomes a farmhouse styled backsplash with blond floating shelves. Gosh, I’m really no help. We design, deliver and install kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and custom countertops to all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and metro New York. Yoke Large Pendants drop over an ivory kitchen island topped with a white marble countertop slab next to a perimeter ivory shaker cabinets topped black soapstone countertops. It is available in an array of different color tones that all center around a light gray when the stone is first pulled from the earth. White Soapstone Countertops. Elegant transitional kitchen boasts a gray glazed brick cooktop backsplash with a handsome black vent hood flanked by wood and iron shelves over soapstone countertops and gray plank cabinets. With the smaller streaks of white running through you get just enough of a tie-in without too much taking away from the black. Get a quote on your Soapstone Countertop. Types of Countertops Granite countertops are a durable option that, when properly sealed, are easy to clean and perfect for food prep. le courneu, kitchen, pot filler, black and white, soapstone, soapstone counter top Kitchen - farmhouse galley medium tone wood floor and brown floor kitchen idea in Phoenix with shaker cabinets, white cabinets, soapstone countertops, an island, black countertops, white backsplash and wood backsplash Wide floors, light stain. Oil rubbed hardware accenting white shaker kitchen cabinets topped with a honed black soapstone countertop fixed against a white shiplap backsplash lit by Elkins Sconces. Hands down though my BIGGEST kitchen design mistake was soapstone. See more ideas about soapstone countertops, countertops, soapstone. 1. Most of white-background soapstones will have varying amounts of gray veins scattered along, so it would appear more light-gray overall than white. A very nice “ash gray” soapstone with distinctive veins before mineral oil treatment.Once mineral oil is applied, the gray darkens considerably enhancing the unique veins. Soapstone can be offered in a variety of different textures, unlike most other natural stones that are only available with a high polished finish. Please read our new cookies policy to learn more. Over time, soapstone will darken. Same with our stone, can’t remember. To get some tips about caring for a soapstone countertop, we asked Vermont Soapstone, a company in Perkinsville, Vermont, that launched in 1856—which makes it the country’s oldest supplier of soapstone. White Soapstone Countertops - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Fireplace Surrounds, Masonry Heaters & Woodstoves. Many homeowners love having such a stylish kitchen countertop, backsplash or other stone surface that is as low maintenance as soapstone. ***White Soapstone is a Marble International Granite and Stone is Florida's Soapstone Factory Direct Dealer. All Rights Reserved. That will darken the soapstone in spots, but will not stain it, since soapstone is non-porous. Soapstone does not stain. The countertops are white venatino by pental quartz. Soapstone countertops are typically 1-1/4″ thick. Even the apron front sink with drainboard is durable soapstone. Quaint and cottage meats luxury and stylish- this kitchen exhibits a lovely look completed with a mint green lower cabinets, black soapstone countertops, and white oval backsplash tiles. Soapstone is an excellent countertop material because of its looks and durability. Don’t expect a pristine white like quartz on soapstones. Modern master bathroom features walls clad in marble tiles lined with separate his and her washstands boasting white cabinets paired with soapstone waterfall countertops fitted with rectangular white vessel sinks situated under wall-mount faucets and frameless vanity mirrors illuminated by small light pendants suspended from the ceiling. White quartz countertops are as versatile as they are beautiful. If you’re interested in using it as a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity here … Yoke Large Pendants elegantly finishes an ivory kitchen island topped with a white marble countertop fitted with charcoal gray leather stools. Mont Surface is the wholesalers of white granite, marble countertops and different kind of mont surfaces. Supply your measurements & product details. Soapstone uses include the traditional, like countertops and fireplaces, but it’s also an amazing material to use for a custom … I layered on 4 coats of chalkboard paint with a small foam roller, waiting a few hours in between each coat. This fusion creates sleek and elegant countertop providing ease of use in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas. Black and white kitchen features white shaker cabinets paired with black soapstone countertops and backsplash. In this kitchen the soapstone provides the only color accent in this otherwise white on white kitchen, which makes it stand out even more. The only maintenance recommended, not required, is the mineral oil treatment to enhance the natural darkening process the stone goes through and to ensure the soapstone darkens evenly. They are faced with 1″ thick boards ripped down to 1-1/4″ to hide the sides of the plywood and to give the countertop the appearance of being thicker. White kitchen cabinets contrasted with oil rubbed bronze pulls and a honed soapstone countertop are fitted with a sink paired with a pull out faucet mounted in front of a window framed by white shiplap and flanked by Elkins Sconces. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you non-personalized ads.